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The dSantana - Arquitectura Project Approach


We recognize that every client and his or her project are unique, thereby requiring a specific strategy tailored to meet the initial programmatic requirements.  Our office embraces a holistic approach to architectural solutions, taking into consideration every aspect of the project including periphery issues.


We begin by documenting the basic requirements of the project: (program, budget criteria and schedule mandates), while super-imposing any unique  logistical constraints. With that information, we develop a project workplan that outlines key project components and is used as a roadmap to direct the development of a final solution. 


Our architecural aesthetic philosophy and design approach utilizes a modern architectural vocabulary and detailing, but we have an appreciation for the past and architectural history as well. Many times a literal interpretation of a historic style (i.e. Spanish) is appropriate for a project, while a solution that uses the "spirit" of that style may be the correct approach for another. When we begin developing design concepts, we take into consideration the surrounding context of the neighboring area and generate an architectural aesthetic consistant with a holistic remedy. Sustainability and minimizing environmental impacts are always important factors to consider in every project.





Lastly, we understand the importance of the voice of our clients.  Besides providing us with project requirements, the client should have the opportunity to express issues that they believe are important for a successful design solution.  We acknowledge the value of a collaborative team effort and consider our clients a significant member of the project team.  Design review sessions are scheduled at intermediate phases of project development to ensure that the holistic approach is used and a project is completed in a manner that produces not only successful results but exceeds client expectations. 


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